Make your life better with a home renovation by Smith & Sons.

Why Smith & Sons?

renovation-builders-smithandsonsNo matter what the reason for your home renovation or extension, Smith & Sons have renovated 1000's of home across Australia for people just like you, and as professional, experienced renovation and extension builders, they have the proven ability to make your renovation as stress free as possible.

There is no doubt that renovating can be a stressful experience, however, by engaging local, professional renovation builders who have definitive experience in home renovations, you significantly reduce the risk of issues that could impact you, your lifestyle and your family.

The difference in engaging a Smith & Sons specialist renovation builder is that our builders have completed 1000's of renovation projects across Australia, which means that although your home is a unique living environment, any issues that could arise have generally been experienced by our builders before.

If not, a quick call to another Smith & Sons specialist renovation builder in another area will more often that not reveal the answer. There is always power in team!


Our Builders

Your family matters to us
. And, how a home renovation can affect you and those you love matters to us. And the reason that Smith & Sons can relate to this is the fact that the Smith & Sons team is a family, and every builder works in his own family business.

We specifically look for builders who have a family to join the team at Smith & Sons (or are about to start a family - which is often the case!) as we realise that only a family person can relate to the joys (and stresses) of family life. And, if that family life comes under pressure because of their home becoming a renovation construction zone, our builders can relate and do the utmost to alleviate any untoward circumstances that affect family life.

Not only that - with families comes a flexibilty and understanding that not everything goes to plan - sometimes life just gets in the way and our builders have an uncanny knack of dealng with any interruptions that might come along with a cool head, and a compassionate hand. We are here to see your family not only get through the renovation process, but enjoy it!